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Oh the joys of gossip

ok, ok... gossip? um... well there is the one and only Psycho religious girl. Who for months upon months gave my friends and I lectures on how we will all go to hell for having pre-marital sex. We all thought it was hilarious of course and tried to get ther to rant about it every day- so we could laugh at her.

But... the bizarre twist...

She is now 8 months pregnant!!!!!!!!!

I have seen her around a few times and the minute I see her and I'm not working, or her bogan boyfriend isn't there, I'm going to go off something hardcore!

Stupid hyporcritcal bitch.

I saw her at the pool the other day and I had my little friend Shanaye with me (she is 5). And I was trying to get Shanaye to go up to her and ask-

"Do you have a baby in your tummy? Is that your husband? How come you didn't marry him?"

But PCG (psycho christian girl) kept smiling at us and swimming away, she knew something was going to happen and then Shanaye got too shy.


Well that is all I have for now.


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